Cheap & Clean Beauty: Aloe Vera Hair Gel

Note:  This post contains affiliate links, but it’s not sponsored in any way.  I’m just a fan!

I have fine, wavy hair that tends to run quite dry, and it tangles easily unless I put the right products in it.  I’ve tried scores of gels and creams at multiple price points – but my favorite product is actually Fruit Of The Earth 100% Aloe Vera Gel.

What I love about it:

  • It moisturizes my hair and cuts down on frizz without weighing my hair down.
  • As long as I don’t wash it out, the benefits of one application will last for a few days – most creams I’ve tried need to be reapplied daily to keep my frizz down.
  • It’s a relatively clean option (EWG rates it a “3”).
  • It’s only $0.35 an ounce, which means it’s about a third of the price of a lot of the higher-end hair gels, even though it actually performs better on my hair.

Here are some of the ways I use it:

  1. As a hair gel for up-dos: I run 1-2 pumps of it through dry hair before styling.
  2. As a root booster: I apply ½ pump just to my roots
  3. As a smoothing cream: I mix 1 pump with a drop or two of apricot kernel oil or argan oil and use the flat of my hand to smooth the top my hair (I don’t rake it through my hair with my fingers, as I find this can disrupt my curl pattern)
  4. To prevent tangles, at night: After brushing my hair with a wet brush, I mix 1-2 pumps with about a dime-size of apricot oil and run the mixture through my hair with my fingers. I generally do this the night after I wash my hair – it dramatically cuts down on night-time tangles and frizz, which means that I can easily style it the next morning.  As an added bonus, I generally find that I only need to apply it one night per hair washing – for example, I might wash my hair on a Tuesday morning, and then I’ll apply it that night before bed.  Its de-tangling effects will generally last for a few days, until the next time I wash my hair.

Overall, I find that my hair is so much happier and healthier when I use aloe instead of commercial hair products – it’s shinier, smoother, and tangle-free!

Have you ever tried aloe as a hair gel?

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