Wrought Iron & Gauzy Cotton | An Affordable Option for Gorgeous Curtains

When we purchased our 1930’s bungalow (almost two years ago!), one of the first items on my to-do list was to rip out the ancient vertical blinds in the living room and install sheer cotton panels hung on wrought-iron curtain rods.  But as with most home purchases, several necessary repairs left me with a pretty minimal curtain budget – which is tricky if you want hand wrought-iron rods and panels made of a natural fiber instead of plastic rods and polyester.

But after combing the internet, I was thrilled to unearth these handmade wrought-iron curtain rods for $40 (including shipping) and gauzy cotton curtain panels for $12!

Curtain Panel | Curtain Rod

What I love:

  • The rods and the panels are made of durable, quality materials – the panels are 100% cotton, and the rods are handmade wrought iron.
  • The panels filter natural light beautifully, which gives the room a soft, warm glow.
  • The brilliant juxtaposition of opposites – white with black, soft gauzy fabric with hard iron – elevates the look of the room.

A close up shot of the weave

We have had these curtains in our living room for almost two years now, and they have held up beautifully! As a quick note, the rods do not come with black screws, but an Amazon reviewer helpfully suggested an super easy fix that worked well for us: coloring the screws with black sharpie covers the silver perfectly.

What are your solutions for beautiful, affordable window treatments?

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