Why I splurge on RMS “un” cover-up

This post contains affiliate links to a product I love and have worn almost everyday for over two years: RMS “un” cover-up.

Are you familiar with RMS “un” cover-up? In case you’re not, it’s a hybrid foundation-concealer with a devoted fan-base — people love that it provides beautiful, natural-looking coverage and contains super clean ingredients (EWG scores it as a 1!)

Image via Anthropologie

Personally, I’ve almost finished my third pot of “un” cover-up and I am about to buy another. Of course I love that it’s clean and always looks gorgeous — but let’s face it, there are many clean and high-performing foundation products on the market. The reason I keep returning again and again to RMS “un” cover-up is that I think it’s an incredible value:

It *actually* improves my skin over time. It soothes and heals my redness, dry patches and even blemishes. And as my skin improves, I don’t have to apply as much of it — so there is a wonderfully positive cycle in which I need less of it over time and therefore buy it less frequently. By contrast, most of the other beauty products I’ve used in the past don’t give my skin any positive benefit (that I’ve noticed), and worse, some have even irritated my skin, which then required me to use more (and then buy more) of the product that created the problem in the first place!

It’s brilliant as a foundation, under-eye concealer, and blemish concealer. I have been known to indulge in using separate products for my foundation, under-eye brightener/concealer, and concealing blemishes. Because “un” cover-up works fabulously in all three capacities, it eliminates the need for multiple products — which cuts my costs and frees up more space in my makeup drawer.

It’s fabulously compact for travel. We have family on both coasts, so we travel pretty consistently — I love that the little pot hardly takes up hardly any room in my makeup bag.

It predictably goes on sale. In my opinion, $36 is not a cheap sticker-price, but I can time my purchases with predictable sales to bring the cost down. These sales include:

  • Sephora VIB fall insider sale (20% off if you are a VIB member)
  • Anthropologie Black Friday Sale (30% off sitewide in past years) or Anthro Day (25% off site-wide)
  • RMS.com Black Friday sale (20% off sitewide in past years)
  • Dermstore (20% off your first order; 15% off if you subscribe for a recurring purchase — I usually “pause” my subscription after I make a purchase and manually reactivate it when I know I want to purchase another one).

It lasts a surprisingly long time. I use “un” cover-up almost exclusively at this point for my foundation and concealing needs, and the little pot usually lasts me close to 5 months (if you only use it as a concealer, it will last much longer — Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess uses “un” coverup exclusively as a concealer and notes that her pot is still going strong after over a year). I always buy mine for 20% off, so for $60 I can buy enough product to last me for almost a full year (although I might try my luck on Black Friday to see if Anthropologie will have another 30% off sale, in which case my annual cost will only be $50!). For me, $60 is still in “splurge” territory, but I’m happy work it into my budget for a clean product that actually improves the overall condition of my skin.

I’m always a proponent of using what you have before making new purchases, but if you’re in the market for a new foundation/concealer, I highly recommend checking this one out!

Have you used RMS “un” cover-up?

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