A Simple Advent Wreath

I love celebrating Advent, and today, I’d like to share my simple advent wreath! It looks stunning and takes about 2 minutes to put together. As a bonus, most of the supplies are reusable year after year, so the annual cost is only $12 after the first year.

You’ll need:

  • An evergreen wreath. I love the smell and look of a fresh evergreen wreath, so I pick up a new one each year. This year, I bought mine at Home Depot for $6 during their Black Friday sale (I went in the late afternoon when it wasn’t crowded). It came with a rather smooshed, cheapy-looking velvet bow which I promptly removed so I would have a clean slate to work with.
  • Pine cones. I found mine outside and reuse them every year. You can also pick them up at any craft store. I evenly space them on top of the wreath.
  • Metallic berry sprays, for a bit of sparkle! I scooped up mine for $1 each at Joanne Fabrics (they were 50% off for Black Friday weekend — I can’t seem to find them on online, but they are by Blooming Holiday). They come in a variety of colors, and I chose gold, champagne, and blush (I couldn’t resist — so pretty and unexpected!). When I stuck them inside wreath, I chose to place them all in the same direction, but you could also stick them in varying directions for a more “undone” look. When advent is over, I’ll pack them away and save them for next year.
  • Candle Holder for five candles, placed in the middle of the wreath. I picked up mine at Target a few years ago for $20. I chose classic black iron for a timeless look, but you can pick anything that suits your taste.
  • Candles. When I was a child, I always secretly disliked the color combination of the advent candles. One of the wonderful things about being an adult is that I can buy whatever advent candles I want! My go-to is white for the four main candles and gold for the Christmas Day candle.
  • That’s it! Super simple, but festive, pretty, and delightfully budget friendly!


    Annual Cost:

    • 5 taper candles: $6
    • Evergreen wreath: $6

    TOTAL annual cost: $12

    One-time Purchases:

    • Candlestick holder: $20
    • Pine cones: $0
    • Berry sprays: $7

    TOTAL one-time: $27

    What do you use for your Advent wreath?

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