The Sweetest Toddler Shoes

Today I’d like to share a fun find — the sweetest pair of toddler shoes that are just $9 on Amazon!

In general, I buy most of my toddler’s clothes used from well-curated consignment stores. The fact is: my son is very energetic and active, and I want him to let him play his little heart out without worrying that he’s going to wreck expensive clothes.

For the most part, I don’t have any trouble finding extremely cute, extremely inexpensive toddler clothes from local consignment shops and consignment sales. However, to date I have never found a good pair of used toddler shoes — they always look well-loved (i.e. not clean) — so I have always purchased them new.

  • In terms of my ideal toddler shoe, I’m looking for something that is:
    • Comfortable for my little guy to run around in
      Easily dressed up or down
      Neutral enough to go with everything
      Incredibly cute!
      And of course, easy on the wallet (because I don’t want to get upset in the very likely event that he will wreck his shoes on a grand adventure)

    As a quick aside: lots of people try to claim that boys clothes are “boring” but I’m not sure what they’re talking about — as you can see from the list above, I have lots of fun thinking about my little boy’s clothes!

    Enter: these adorable laceless sneakers that are just $9 (including shipping) on Amazon! I admit that I was inspired by the adorable navy canvas sneakers that Prince George wore to a charity polo match last spring, and I think these are a terrific dupe for a sixth of the price (since Trotters is based in the UK, it’s a $25 shipping fee for those of us who live in the U.S.)

    Trotters Hampton Canvas shoe. Image via Trotters.

    Another look at the Trotters shoe:

    Image via Trotters

    With the exception of the white toe cap cutting straight across on the Trotters (instead of curved), they look incredibly similar to the $9 LNGRY shoes.

    We’ve had our original pair since October, and we are very pleased with them! My toddler has pronounced them “comfy” which is most important (he is understandably quite vocal about it when something is not comfortable), and they have held up extremely well. They also wash extremely well — he has waded through mud puddles in them, and I just wash them up in small bowl of cold water and a tiny bit of laundry detergent and let them air dry. Note: I don’t recommend using dish detergent, which is what I used to wash the original pair. This seems to fade the color a bit.

    We like these shoes so much we purchased duplicates: one pair for play, one pair for church. Actually, to be perfectly honest, we have purchased three pairs. While I was at a rehearsal, the left shoe of the original pair mysteriously disappeared. Fortunately, the shoes are inexpensive, so it wasn’t a terrible tragedy and we purchased another pair. At that point, the “church” pair was reclassified as the “play” pair and the new shoes are now the “church” pair.

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